Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the joy of creating meaningful software in the world. I’m never done learning.

Code Drift is the place where I share my work, my experiences, and my thoughts on code, management, and the vastness of software with the world. Building engineering teams is messy work; so are software projects. It’s my hope that others can learn from these experiences just as I have from so many others.

How We Got Here


Aibex (exploration)

Co-Founder & CEO, Aibex

Aibex wants you to get the most out of your career, and that means understanding what you want from your current job and how it’s part of your larger story. Through guided reflection and timely prompts, Karl and Aibex help you explore your relationship with work.


React at Pinterest

Head of Core Experience

Pinterest‘s web architecture consisted of a django frontend coupled with backbone.js and a custom templating engine. To support massive engineering growth over the next several years, the Core Experience Web team helped the company incrementally transition to a React based architecture. A custom binding layer allowed us to use legacy code from jinja alongside new components.


Katy / DaVinci LinkedIn Redesign

Principal Web Developer

A complete overhaul of LinkedIn‘s UI to standardize it across all platforms, identifiable by LinkedIn’s dark gray navigation bar. Included a comprehensive pattern library site and a huge improvement to our SASS design token system, allowing us to keyword elements with code like @include styleguide(primary button in a container) to account for color and contrast variations.


LinkedIn Mobile Web Experience

Engineering Manager, LinkedIn

As we moved to using our mobile phones for everything, the team explored how we can deliver an amazing experience for the Mobile Web. The HTML5 compatible version pushed the bounds of what was possible using CSS on portable devices. My personal favorite quirk was all the CSS hacks required to force work onto the GPU, a technique we still use (as of 2021) in React Native.


LinkedIn Connect SDK

Sr Software Engineer, LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Connect SDK is the best way to bring LinkedIn to third party sites. Extending the existing REST API, the Connect SDK provides JavaScript support and embeddable widgets for your website. We launched with the initial features:

  • Sign In With LinkedIn (OAuth 2)
  • Share on LinkedIn Button
  • Embeddable data (Profiles, Companies, etc)
  • JavaScript to REST API Bridge

Gaia Online Redesign

Software Engineer, Gaia Online

From the top down, this was the first ever redeisgn of the Gaia Online site since its intial launch. Having accumulated several years of organic growth, the site needed a new navigational taxonomy that continued to push the boundries of a browser based MMORPG. Art constraints required a use of pixel-based grids, while the rebuilt of the Interactive Map was featured on the YUI Blog.

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