Ways I can Help

I believe we make progress together.

Over the years, I've responded in an ad-hoc manner to requests for help both inside and outside of my network. Requests ranged from interview preparation to networking to funding. The answer to these all is “yes, if I can”. This page is updated with how I'm currently supporting others on their journey. You may always reach out to jakob [at] this domain about any of these items.

A Specific Note for Underrepresented Groups

Anything in this document is doubly true for underrepresented groups in STEM. Inbound requests for support from you will be given priority, and if you need a warm introduction to someone in my network, I'm happy to connect you.


My LinkedIn Network represents about 20 years working in the technology industry. I am able to introduce you to anyone in my network as a warm introduction. To do this, please provide me with a brief summary about who you are and what you need so that I can pass this along to the individual. All introductions require opt-in from both parties. I will let you know if for whatever reason I cannot make the introduction.


I invest primarily in founders focused on developer tooling. My check size is usually under $7500, and I do not operate as a lead investor. When exploring new opportunities, I prioritize underrepresented founders to ensure they have a voice in building the tools that make us all more productive and successful.


I advise for startups with unique and challenging technical problems. With the bulk of my experience in node.js stacks and frontend code, I am more valuable to companies that do not currently consider their DevOps a competitive advantage. I prefer to invest if I am going to advise, but also know that this isn't always feasible for companies. In the past, I have done architecture reviews, made connections, assisted with hiring, and in one case traced down a memory leak.

Interview Prep

Tech interviews suck. I offer interview preparation including resume review and mock interviews on an ad-hoc basis. I pull from my experience as a Principal Engineer at LinkedIn, Director at Pinterest, and my time building curriculum at the Interview Kickstart program when helping people prepare for their next role.


I do structured mentoring with a meeting once a month over a three or six month period. In the past, these sessions focused on skill development and career path discussions. I have helped individuals transition from code-centric careers to leadership roles as well as in the opposite direction.