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Relay Cursors for Database Queries

06/07/2021 in Code + APIs, Databases

Cursors are just strings, at least as far as GraphQL clients are concerned. It has absolutely no meaning beyond identifying a specific result in a set of edges. There’s no limits on its length; most are base64 encoded to emphasize that point. I’ll come back to that in a moment..

A Guide to Tailwind CSS in React Native

05/03/2021 in Code + JavaScript, APIs

React Native is very behind the web when it comes to UI libraries. There’s two likely reasons for this: CSS on the web is easy and the object known as StyleSheet in React Native is not.

Complex Hasura Permissions Via Views

04/15/2021 in Code + Hasura, APIs

As we continue to explore the space of mentorship & career success at Aibex, one of our prototypes tackled the idea of focused group messaging; think Slack, but without the signing in to seventeen spaces just to get something done. To make a messaging app that focused on the needs of mentors and mentees required unique permissions. We wanted users to have access to any messages they were present for, even if they later ended up leaving the group. To use our Slack analogy, leaving a private channel shouldn’t cut you off from the information you were originally invited to see.

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