Hey 👋🏼, I’m Jakob

I‘m a co-founder of Taskless, a robust job queueing system for serverless and edge computing.

The messy part of building things is my happy place. Ocassionally, I write about code and the people who build it. I work in public as much as I can, and you can always see what's on my mind in my working notes. I also give back to the industry that's given me so much, helping others on their journey.

Mocking AWS at the Network Level

4 months ago in Code + Debugging, JavaScript, Current, TypeScript
A Better Way to Mock AWS

A Eulogy for a Pet Where LLMs Persist

6 months ago in General + Cancer
A Little Prince, lost in the era of diffusion models.

Tailwind CSS for Email

2 years ago in Code + Hacks, JavaScript, TypeScript
While this won't remove your dependency on table tags, at least you can reuse your Tailwind colors and spacing rules in email templates