Hey 👋🏼, I’m Jakob

I‘m the co-founder of Taskless, the world‘s fastest job queueing system for serverless and edge computing.

The messy parts when we build things is my happy place. Ocassionally, I write about code and the people who build it. I work in public as much as I can, and you can always see what's on my mind in my working notes.

Solving a Node.js Memory Leak on Heroku

last month in Code + Debugging, JavaScript, Tools
You can connect to your production Heroku instance, debug it live, and even trace down memory leaks.

GitHub as a CMS

7 months ago in Code + JavaScript, GraphQL, TypeScript, Codedrift
GitHub's rich GraphQL API gives you a built-in headless CMS

Developing React Native with Expo and Flipper

last year in Code + Debugging, Expo, React Native, Tools
Goodbye Chrome Debugger, hello Flipper