Copyright (c) 2021 Rudolph Jakob Heuser and the contributors.

Code for codedrift & code samples posted to codedrift are licensed under the MIT license. Non-code content unless otherwise noted is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.

This is the second revision of the codedrift project, and the 15th revision of Jakob‘s personal site. In the last iteration, I wanted to play with a chunky interface while simultaneously learning tailwind. In this revision, I sought to take elements of codedrift I felt mattered in the design aesthetic and strip as much as I could away.

The guiding star for this design was a leather notebook where I take physical notes. As a lover of mechanical keyboards, digital notetaking would result in a horrible cacophony of clicks and clacks.

Plus, I like pens.

Most copy is set in Open Sans Regular, SemiBold, and ExtraBold with Roboto Mono Light for monospaced fonts. Titles are set in Work Sans Light. The Tailwind CSS stone pallete drives the primary color scheme, with Emerald and Amber providing primary and secondary colors respectively.

This site currently runs on Vercel + Next.js, with GitHub as a CMS.

We are only limited by the limits we place.

Previous Versions

As best I could, I've retrieved old screenshots from the Wayback Machine, before this site was ever called codedrift. From "mechanicalruins.net" to Felocity (.org, then .com), to my own name, then to codedrift.